Meet our Division Managers.

Building relationships, creating solutions.

Jake Kolomaya

General Manager

Ian Palmer

Sales Manager


Eric Wilson

Electrical Division Manager


Meet our Team.

Innovative approaches, precision execution.

Jamie Arsenault

Mechanical Superintendent


Brian Hammond

Mechanical Superintendent


Glen Campbell

Mechanical Superintendent


Joe Crockett

Press Services Superintendent


Chad Boutin

Electrical Superintendent


Canaan Awde

Automation Technician


Ryan Depoorter

Engineering Lead


Jake Ferrier

Shop Superintendent


Tim Yardley

Lead Technical Estimator


Mike Butler

Mechanical Superintendent


Jay Bishop

Mechanical Superintendent


Michael Rogers

Electrical Superintendent


Phil Wiersma

Mechanical Superintendent


Our Customer Service Promise.

Innovative approaches, precision execution.

Timely Support

We come when you call. 24/7/365. Rassaun will mobilize all our available resources to get you back and running.

Innovative Ideas

We love to learn your facility inside and out. Our staff doesn’t just know our way around the plant, we understand the process, allowing us to offer better solutions.

Advanced Technology

The backbone of our field technology is our mobile app for iOS, Android, and Windows. All of our documents will be timely, neat, and never lost.

Clear Communication

We call it how we see it. The foundation of a great business relationship is open and honest communication.

Let's get started.

The beginning of your next capital project or the solution to your maintenance headaches is just a click away.